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Bootcamp vs Universities. 

Bootcamp vs Universities. 

Creating a new option for the new talent coming into the tech sector.

What we are seeing is more and more is people diverting from the traditional university path and finding alternative ways to acquire their skills for their dream job/career. Making developer bootcamps, coding crash courses and online coding classes ever so more appealing. 


As a result a high number of these courses are becoming highly accredited in the industry by firms looking to hire developers. The new talent pool is therefore looking much more diverse than in the past. Whilst that is great – it comes with its own challenges, such as the ability to stand out to employers in a highly competitive market. 


It will no longer be sufficient to send over a traditional cold, A4 uniformed resume. What has to happen, is for the new talent coming into the market to find an effective way to get noticed by firms. We see this being on premise of the great things they have actively built, either a coursework from university, a hackathon or from their coding bootcamps. 


This exciting moment is a great opportunity to tackle the bias companies have held for so long when pre-selecting candidates. As a new approach that is based on the premises of what a candidate can do candidates will cast the net of opportunities to more people.


Essentially what we want to see in the future is a new way candidates are pre-selected & recognised by forms. A new way which is much more accessible to anyone who is a capable.

Nancy Evbuomwan

Cofounder of Hacktopia

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